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Two Amazing Facebook Marketing Strategies That Are Not Commonly Supported.

Two Facebook Marketing Strategies You’ve Never Heard of but Are Responsible For 100% Of Sales

Leadership and Facebook Prospecting/Marketing
Two Strategies You’ve Never Heard of That Are Responsible For 100% Of Sales

All Social prospecting programs are similar in that they all recommend that you NOT use your profile page to sell your products or services. Don’t post offers on your time line, don’t use your logo as your picture and don’t abuse the friend request process lest ye suffer Facebook’s wrath. Because people visiting social sites like Facebook are there to be social, catch-up with friends and to escape work or boredom, they tend to treat any outsider peddling their goods as intruders. Free prospecting thru social sites like Facebook can be very effective if used… well, effectively. In this short video I’m not just going to tell you what not to do, that’s almost a given, what I’m going to share with you are two strategies that are being used with tremendous success, but nobody’s teaching them.

FREE Prospecting? Don’t even think about it unless you know these 2 things:

If you’ve tried prospecting via the free collection of profiles on social sites like Facebook and it’s not working like you thought it would, or were sold on how it would work, it’s probably because you’re missing 2 important, in fact necessary elements that ALL social prospecting training programs fail to include (at least I’ve never heard them talk about it, and I was really listening for it ; )

Authority and Social Proof.

The most aggressively marketed social prospecting system out there teaches that “People will buy from you if they know you, like you and trust you.” and that’s very true, but it’s not the entire picture.

People need to see that YOU are an example of what you say you can do for them. If you’re posting that you can help the next 10 people make their fortunes online, they had better see evidence of the previous 10 people you helped make rich online before they will “trust” you to show them how to do anything, especially if you want them to pay you. Authority and Social Proof are paramount. Look at Todd Falcone’s Facebook page, his page is full of photos of him speaking on stage and traveling all over the world teaching his systems, links to attend training calls, so people tend to follow someone of Todd’s authority (aka rockstarism). Same holds true for Max Steingart, he doesn’t spend his days contacting people one at a time and following his scripts to get people to pay for his trainings, he uses Authority and Social Proof. Because Max is holding 2 to 3 live webinars every single day, he has Authority.  And because his marketing efforts suggest that his webinars are full, and he displays testimonials he also packs a lot of social proof. The most powerful marketing tool any rock star has working in their favor is Social Proof. Social Proof breeds Authority. If Johnny jumps off a bridge, everyone else follows Johnny. It’s human nature to respond to social proof in that way. Watch this quick Candid Camera spot, I really think you need how effective this is, but don’t go away because as soon as it’s done I’ll be back to share some posting strategies that will almost guarantee that people give you money and you’ll not want to miss them:

Posting Epiphanies

Earlier I suggested that you NOT post things like “I’m ready to help the next 10 people make their fortunes online”, because where you might think that constitutes some social proof, it doesn’t. In fact it works in the opposite way. I’m sure you’re aware of home shopping channels and those short infomercials you see on TV, and for the longest time they’d say “Operators are standing by.” and THAT popular phrase (they discovered) was working against them in that the social proof was that if the operators were standing by, that’s because nobody was calling. Following the crowd under this scenario means I’m NOT calling either. They have since changed that to “If lines are busy, please try again.” The social proof there is that their phones are ringing off the hook and I should call too so I don’t miss out. Here’s an example of someone using social proof, I found in my own Facebook news feed just today, and as you can see, posting about products or services you are already delivering to others is almost a magnet that attracts new business, every time I’ve seen it done. Compared to posting that you’re essentially twiddling your thumbs and are “ready” to do something if only someone would find enough value in what you think you can do and actually pay you for it. The latter is far less likely.

Facebook Marketing That Works

Social Proof in your Facebook Marketing is the strongest evidence you can offer that will get people to buy your products or services


Do You Look Like Someone That Someone Else Would Give Their Hard Earned Money To?

It’s a no brainer that you’ll want to make your profile “look” as if you are successful by posting a nice picture of yourself dressed professionally, maybe a picture of a nice house and expensive car because they will provide a certain air of authority and that’s great, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it ends there, it’s just the start. If you want to be successful selling to people you friend on Facebook, they have to see that you are actively selling to others.  The best way you can accomplish that is to post all of your business as it happens, even if you’re only about to make or are waiting for a call to discuss your opportunity with someone. “Getting on the phone with Mary in five minutes, she’s signing up to work with me today.” or “Claudia wants to try my age reversing skin cream.”  Crimany, if someone tells you they like something about your products or services, ask them to post it on your Facebook page, or ask them if it’s okay if you post it and say they said it. But don’t ever make any fantastic claims like “Shelly’s going get rich by working with me” unless you are absolutely rich and specifically as a result of exactly what you’re going to show Shelly so she can do it too. Just talk about your business as you conduct your business so people know you have a business without blatantly advertising it.  It is like a finger…

The ACTUAL Secret, The One That’s NOT Being Taught

The real secret to social prospecting and social marketing is in what the gurus are doing and not what they are teaching. The gurus aren’t getting rich as a result of doing what it is that they teach you to do. The guru wants you to buy his thing, just like you want someone to buy your thing. The guru’s Facebook page is slathered with invites to free trainings, photos from paid speaking engagements, testimonials from customers and fans and if the guru posts that he’s having a sandwich he receives hundreds of likes and comments. Why? Is it because of some secret weapon social marketing system he’s employing, or is it simply because he’s become an authority that people follow, like and trust? Hey, maybe the new saying should be; “People will buy from you if they like you, follow you and trust you.”

Having said that, it’s not possible to suddenly become a rock star, so you should probably start by committing to learn one of the social prospecting/marketing systems being offered, but make sure to make Authority and Social Proof a priority in addition to what they suggest to you. 

If you want to be successful on Facebook, then do what the gurus DO in addition to what they SAY. The secret to success isn’t what they’re saying to do; it’s in what they’re actually doing themselves. Stop talking about what you COULD do for people and start showing them that you ARE doing it.

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