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investigating power=to empower people

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Milestone Goals
2 Milestone Goals
Full time investigations
$3,200 per month
I'll shift to full-on, full-time engagement, breaking original stories and analysis as often as possible, every other day, with occasional multimedia content. At minimum, I'll do two major stories a week (8 per month), punctuated with solid analysis every other day (about 3 a week = 12 a month): a grand total of around 20 pieces a month.
New digital platform
$5,000 per month
I'll launch a dedicated website for INSURGE INTEL and will commission talented freelancers in my network to ramp up our investigations, analysis, and curation of solutions and transitional initiatives. We will produce wide-ranging, in-depth original investigative/analysis content on a daily basis.
The radical multimedia newsroom
$10,000 per month
INSURGE INTEL will be able to hire new full-time editorial and journalist staffers to expand into a full-time global affairs micro-multimedia newsroom. At this point we'll be able to make multimedia a far more integral component of our work.


I'm an award-winning investigative journalist, bestselling author, and international security scholar. I currently write the 'System Shift' column for VICE's Motherboard. Previously I wrote for The Guardianon the geopolitics of interconnected environmental, energy and economic crises via my Earth Insight blog. I've also written for The Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Scotsman, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, Quartz, Prospect, New Statesman, Le Monde diplomatique, among many others. 

I'm a recognized expert for the stuff I cover as a journalist. As a former university lecturer, I won the Routledge-GCP&S Essay Prize for my published research on interconnected global crises. My book, A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save It (Pluto, 2010) is the first peer-reviewed study integrating analysis of crises of climate, energy, food, economic, terrorism, and state-militarization within a systemic and holistic social science framework.

I’m also the author of four other critically-acclaimed books covering international security issues, namelyThe London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry (Duckworth, 2006), The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation and the Anatomy of Terrorism (Interlink, 2005); Behind the War on Terror: Western Secret Strategy and the Struggle for Iraq(New Society, 2003) and The War on Freedom: How & Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001(Progressive, 2002).

I make documentary films with the super-talented director Dean Puckett. I co-wrote, co-produced and presented The Crisis of Civilization(2010), associate produced Grasp The Nettle (2013), and am currently working on a new film about World Bank complicity in land grabs in the name of 'environmental conservation.' 

Oh, I've also written a novel. It's a political science fiction thriller called ZERO POINT. The story anticipated the Islamist insurgency in Iraq and a new US-UK war there to put it down and secure regional oil and gas supplies.


London, UK

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I'm Nafeez, a 12-year investigative journalist, bestselling author, documentary film-maker and global security scholar - formerly ofThe Guardian and currently writing a weekly column for Vice Motherboard

I've been praised by the likes of Gore Vidal and had spats with the likes of Christopher Hitchens. I'm the winner of two Project Censored Awards for my Guardian journalism (this year for my report on Ukraine, and last year for my article on food riots) and was selected among the Evening Standard's ‘Power 1000’ most globally influential Londoners for 2014.

I tell the stories you won't find anywhere else about big global issues that affect us all, digging deep to investigate complex invisible realities behind world trends - from geopolitics and intelligence games, to foreign policy agendas and the police state, from resource crises and economic meltdown, to grassroots movements and new technologies. I write to help people make sense of how all these fit together, but also to empower people with a sense of the possibility for change by exploring real-world solutions to our global challenges. But to keep telling the hard-hitting stories that need to be told, I need your support. 

Breaking suppressed stories that no one else will tell

I've written about the Egyptian uprising, the Syria conflict, the rise of Boko Haram in Nigera, the breakdown of Ukraine, and the militarisation ofThailand - bringing to light how western hubris combined with the unsustainability of flawed models of governance, neoliberal austerity and fossil fuel dependence are unravelling regional order with unforeseen consequences. I've also broken major stories on state-sponsorship of al-Qaeda terrorists, the use and abuse of double agents, Sibel Edmonds and the continuation of "gladio", how Ed Husain's memoirs were ghostwritten in Whitehall; and much, much more.

Since leaving The Guardian, I've continued to break exclusives you won't find anywhere else: on the UN's endorsement of agroecology to solve the global food crisis; how Pentagon social media data-mining is fine-tuning the CIA's drone strike kill lists; the western covert operations behind the rise of 'Islamic State' (ISIS); the Pentagon's exploitation of ISIS to ramp up mass surveillance; IRS whistleblowers exposing US Treasury and IRS executive facilitation of fraudulent multi-billion corporate tax giveaways; and the Pentagon's plan to maintain global military dominance by creating Skynet.

People-powered journalism

I'm using Patreon to create a sustainable platform to give you cutting-edge independent journalism on the issues that matter on a full-time basis; and to move toward a new model of crowd-supported media that is publicly-accountable, holistic, fearless in its integrity, rigorous in its research, and driven by the values of compassion, truth, and justice.

With your support, I will tell the stories I can't get paid to write anywhere, the stories that establishment media are too scared to commission. Your patronage will allow me to ramp up my independent journalism full-time to go where others fear to tread, to chart the full-scale of the planetary emergency we face together, to explore the possibilities for living ethically and transforming our world, to uncover the corruption and wrongdoing that is so endemic in the 'national security' apparatus, to expose wilful state-terrorism and complicity in human rights abuses at home and abroad; to name just a few critical issues. 

My mission is to give you the facts to really understand events in a way the rest of the media simply won't tell you. I'll also be exploring alternative (positive and negative) visions of the future. Whether that means show-casing some of the exciting innovative transitional projects that communities around the world are implementing, or interviewing leading visionaries, scientists, or thinkers pioneering harmonious fulfilling ways to live, with your support I'll canvass the stuff you need to know.

INSURGE: A new platform that investigates power to empower people

If it works out, I'll dedicate myself to this on a full-time basis in a way I've not been able to do before, writing daily and creating new video and audio projects to empower you with the facts across a range of media. I'll post my work on my blog, while continuing to pitch to a range of media outlets to maximize exposure and get the story out to as wide an audience as possible.

You can pay me as much or as little as you like, or even make a one off payment and stop. If you subscribe, I'll invite you exclusively to join up with me and your fellow Insurge patrons to become members of a private social network where we can build a global, online community of like-minded thinkers and doers to brainstorm on issues, share ideas and insights, send me feedback and tips for new coverage/investigations - and to be an integral part of the future of digital media.

If this experiment is successful, if we can get to a certain amount per month, I'll take this project to the next level: With your support I'll create a new, people-powered multimedia investigative journalism collectivewith its own dedicated website, where I'll commission new investigations and hire amazing journalists in my network. At that point we'll be able to explore together how to make our people-powered global newsroom a global force to be reckoned with.

The INSURGE manifesto


1. People-powered independence

By putting people at the heart of the financing of the media platform as patrons, we guarantee its total independence from dubious external financial or ideological pressures. If patrons don’t like our coverage, they can communicate with us their criticisms, and if they’re not satisfied, they can unsubscribe. Special interests won’t pull our strings. You will.

2. Adversarial, interdisciplinary investigations

Our job is not to relay ‘the news’: it’s to investigate power, to empower the public. That means embarking on original in-depth investigations that dig deep and which others aren’t covering; going between the headlines, providing critical context, conducting the kind of unique analysis of events informed by genuine expertise (which is why we’ll have an academic/scientific advisory board), not phony punditry. It also means joining the dots across multiple issues and stories.

3. Visionary advocacy

We will campaign for justice and we will advocate for the marginalized, to help create social change and to empower you with the information you need to become change-makers in your own contexts. That means, we’re not just covering ‘the bad news’ — you’ll find us on the frontlines of the revolution, covering real-world solutions to our global challenges proposed and enacted by practitioners, activists and communities everywhere.

4. Participatory story-making

If we can raise enough to invest in the right sort of website, our stories won’t just be static, isolated fixed ‘news items.’ Just as the real-world is full of change and complexity, we will be open and responsive to critique, and will create overlapping and evolving stories that chart the interconnections between global and local challenges, between planetary meltdown and state-corporate militarism, and which will build on your feedback whenever possible.

5. A community for change

Our citizen-patrons won’t just be our donors. You’ll be our backbone, and therefore our first port of call in the development of the platform, story ideas, as well as the best ways to make the platform work, and improve what we do. We’ll keep connected through a social network just for us.

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